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  2. Check to see if your question is among the Bossa freqently asked questions (FAQ)

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Bossa Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Bossa?

Bossa is a revolutionary new plug in for PC’s with  iTunes.  With Bossa you can Automate and schedule your music, generate playlists and mixes all with a single mouse click.

What kind of music can I play with Bossa?

Bossa will play any song that you have in your iTunes library on your computer

How much does Bossa cost?

Bossa is free to try for 14 days.  The full version is US $24.  The full version gives you unlimited support and free upgrades.

How does Bossa know if I have new music in my  iTunes library?

Bossa automatically scans your computer when you turn the program on for any new or deleted music files.

I don’t see all my music displayed in Bossa right away

The very first time you start Bossa the program will need to scan your iTunes music library before it shows all your music.  It will start playing music immediately but it will need a few minutes (depending on how many songs you have) to scan your library.

What are Bossa’s system requirements?

Before installing Bossa onto your computer, be sure that it meets the minimum system requirements listed below. 

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (SP2), Windows XP Professional SP2, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition SP2, or Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Update Rollup 2

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above
  • Broadband internet connection
  • iTunes

What portable music players can I use with Bossa?

Since Bossa is a plug-in for Itunes it currently only works with iPods.  Bossa can generate playlists that are automatically saved in iTunes.  In iTunes you can then transfer your playlists to your iPod

Does Bossa work on a Mac?

Bossa currently does not work on a Mac.  It should work on all Windsows PC’s with iTunes.

Does Bossa work with the iPod?

Yes.  Since Bossa is a plug-in for iTunes and saves playlists in iTunes you can save playlists generated in Bossa onto your iPod.

What is Bossa’s relationship to Itunes and Apple?

None.  We designed Bossa to work with iTunes since we feel it is the most complete and comprehensive music jukebox on the market today.  Also, because we wanted to create playlists that we could load onto our iPods.

What file formats will Bossa play?

Bossa will play any standard audio files that can play in iTunes.

What type of digital rights management does Bossa use?

None.  We just play your music.

I bought the full version of Bossa after my trial period expired.  How does it unlock the full version?

As soon as your payment has been processed your version of Bossa will be unlocked.

How do I export my playlists from Bossa to iTunes?

Playlists from Bossa are automatically saved to iTunes.

There seems to be a gap between songs when they transition

If you have an older or slower processor you might have to change some settings in iTunes to give your songs a longer transition.  Edit - Preferences – Audio. Make sure that crossfade is checked and then set it for a longer fade.

I used the trial version of Bossa a while ago but now I want to purchase the full version.  How do I do that?

Open Bossa and click on purchase full version.  After your payment has been processed Bossa will automatically work

How do I get the latest Bossa updates?

If you have purchased the full version of Bossa and you have an internet conncection, updates will be automatic.  If you don’t have an internet connection: get out of the stone age!

How do I install Bossa?

Click download from the Bossa website.  Click save and Bossa will download automatically.  Open the Bossa.exe file and follow the prompts.  Once downloaded Bossa will start automatically.

Why do you need my email address before I download Bossa?

Your email address is needed to registration with Bossa.  It also allows us to keep you in the loop with update notices and other information about Bossa.  Giving us your email when you register is perfectly safe since we do not share or sell email addresses.



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