Player Lab Selector Mix Automator Generator
  Bossa’s built-in Timer –
Let Bossa turn your music on and off.


Schedule your music
when you want and
how you want

With the Automator you can play a timed event of any genre, artist, album, mix or any combination of these any time of the day. 
Any time of the week.




Selecting your
music schedule

Click the Automator icon in Bossa and the Automator window opens.  Click on Type (Menu) to pick the schedule you want to use.  All, Weekday/Weekend or Daily. You can schedule each 24 hour day in 5 minute increments or group a whole week of schedules.


Selecting the
amount of time

Click inside the Automator window and drag the window for the desired running time of your mix.  This unnamed mix is running from Noon until 5pm. The blue icon shows the current time of day.





Selecting the music
you want to hear

To pick a mix that you want to set up in the Automator, click the mix icon on the right and select from the pop-down menu of your mixes.




Making a mix right in the Automator

You can also click on the Selector icon inside the Automator window and create a mix by selecting between the genre, artist and albums you want to hear.



Now turn it on


Click enable and your music is running through the Automator 

Never worry about what’s playing again. With the Automator enabled your music is on autopilot.  The Automator: Music on on-time/Music off on-time.

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