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  The foundation of Bossa

You’re just a click away from
your music

By clicking Selector, all your music appears. Click on any Genre to hear just that music style or click on multiple genres to increase the music in the mix you’re creating.


Add any Artist or Album

You can also easily add specific Artists and Albums to your mix by going back and forth between the headings.  




Your Music Automatically

Genres are set up as Tag Clouds with the Tag containing the most music listed first and in the largest font size. Tag sizes decrease as the content of each genre decreases.

By rolling over each Tag with your mouse the amount of songs contained in each pops up.  




Looking for an Artist to Play?

Easy Look up in the
Selector heading

The artist with the most music in your library is listed first and in the largest font size. Scroll down to see all the artists in your music library.

Looking for an Album?

Same thing

The album with the most songs is listed first and then all the way down to the album that you might only have one song from. Rolling over each tag with your mouse shows you the amount of songs contained in each tag.


Still want to do it the hard way?

Feel like old-skool typing?

Type in what you want to hear and quickly find a Genre, Album or Artist. Delete what you typed or click the X on the right to go back to showing all the tags.



Organize and save your mixes on the fly

After you've clicked on different genres, artist and albums in the selector to create the mix you want to listen to you can easily save your mixes for easy playback. Scroll over the mix that's playing and you'll see the Lab icon pop up on the left and the label icon on the right. Click on the label or on the mix name to save your current mix.

Label and Save Mix

Change the name of an existing mix? Added more music to your mix and need to rename it? Just click on the mix name and type in a new one. Bossa will automatically overwrite the old mix name and save the new one.



Track Filter

The Track Filter is set to automatically show tags with 5 tracks or more. You can move the slider to the left to show all tags or to the right to show tags containing more tracks. This is an easy way to filter out tags that hardly contain any tracks.


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