Player Lab Selector Mix Automator Generator


Create playlists to download to
your iPod

Generate a timed playlist by specifying what you want to hear and for how long.

When you start the Generator you are able to have Bossa create a playlist for you anywhere from 15 minutes in length to 24 hours!  Click and drag the slider to set the length of the playlist you want.  Then click inside the Generator to set specific timed events for your playlist.  Here you can see that the first hour “Dance” is selected.  Then 1 ½ hours of the “Killer Mix” which includes the genres; Alternative, World, Reggae, Downbeat and Electronic.  The last 1 ½ hours it’s music from the unnamed mix consisting of other genres.  When you’re done selecting the music you want in your mix, click “Generate” and your playlist will be generated in iTunes.  From there you can easily load it onto your iPod or play it in iTunes.



Selecting music in the
Generator is as
easy as one click

You can get very specific about what you want to place in your playlist.  Click on the Selector icon in the Generator and then click on a specific Genre, Artist or Album or any combination of these.



Selecting a saved Bossa  Mix in the Generator is also as easy as one click

Click on the Mix icon in the Generator and then click on a mix that you would like to place in your playlist.




Now Name your playlist and Generate it in iTunes

Click in the untitled playlist box and give it a name and then click “Generate”.  Bossa will not generate your playlist in iTunes.


Check out your playlist
in iTunes

You can click on “View” in the Generator and it will take you straight to iTunes highlighting the playlist you just created.  To save the playlist to your Ipod, simply drag the playlist icon to your iPod and voila, you’re done.  You just made a timed, specific playlist with the music you wanted to hear in just a view clicks.





Change the order of the songs in your Playlist?

Click on Re-Generate and the Generator makes a new playlist for you.  Check out how the Generator pulls the songs out of your playlist and then re-generates it for you.  That’s why we gave you the “View” button.

Want to make another playlist with the same settings?

Just type in a new name for your playlist and click on Re-Generate and new playlist with the new name will be generated in iTunes.



Want to make a totally
new playlist?

Just click “New” and you’re ready to make another playlist.



Want to go back to an old playlist you made?

Just click on “Saved” and all your old generated playlists appear.  Click on the one you want and you’re ready to generate it again or make changes to it by selecting or de-selecting music you placed in your playlist.

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