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  Archive of all your saved
mixes in Bossa


“Not a problem I can’t fix,
cause I can do it in the Mix”

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life' by Indeep ('83)

The Mix is the archive of all your saved mixes in Bossa. When you start Bossa the last mix you played automatically starts up again. Select a saved Mix to quickly and easily play another one in Bossa.  You can also easily Select a mix in the Generator and Automator.





Make a new Mix

Click on Mix and then New Mix (start a new mix).  Bossa will automatically default to creating a totally random mix.  Now you can create your own mix by adding what you specifically want to hear.






Start Selecting your music

Use the Selector to choose which Genre, Artist and Albums you want to place in your mix  (See Selector for more information on selecting music.



Save and name your Mix

To save the music that you have selected as a mix, click on the label and type in a name for your mix and it’s automatically saved to your mix library.




Select which mix you want to hear

Click on the mix you want to hear and Bossa will automatically cue it up to play next.




Which Mix is playing?

The Bossa player shows which mix is playing in the selector window.  In this picture the mix is Totally Random and unnamed.  You can see the next 10 upcoming songs underneath the Up Next icon.





Use your Mix in the
Automator and Generator

Click on the mix for easy selection in the Automator or generator.  This image shows the mix that is being chosen and will play from 12:00 to 4:00 PM when the Automator is Selected.






And in the Generator...

This image shows the mixes that were selected for the Generator.  The Generator will randomly select songs from each of the mixes within the set time.


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