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Cook up anything you want with your music.


This is Bossa’s kitchen

Find tags, pictures and information about the music in your music library.  Organize, re-arrange, re-name, search, find and discover.  The Bossa Lab does is all.  Everything is clearly marked and displayed and as easy as one click to get to.




Getting to the  Bossa Lab is easy

To go to the Lab from the current song that’s playing in Bossa, just roll over the song and click on the Lab icon on the left.  You can also get there by rolling over a Mix that’s playing or by going to an upcoming track in Bossa.  Just click on the Lab icon on the left and you’re there!




Selectors in the lab

All your current Selectors are shown as well as additional popular selectors Bossa finds online for the song and artist that you are currently checking out in the Lab. Click on additional tags you would like to add and Bossa automatically adds them to your selectors and stores them as additional tags for that specific song.





Pictures in the lab

Click on the pictures tab and the Lab will automatically search and find the latest pictures related to the artist you’re playing in Flickr.  Roll over the pictures to see captions associated with the pictures or click on the pictures to enlarge them.





Make a slideshow

Click on a picture that you want to enlarge and then click on the next button and the Lab will turn into a slideshow of all the pictures in the window. 


Artist Information

Click on the Artist Info tab and the Lab will retrieve any available information about the artist you’re playing from Wikipedia.  All the information is contained within the lab window.  You can easily scroll down to read all the information by using the scroll bar on the right.  By clicking on Wikipedia links within the lab window, you’ll be taken straight to that specific page in Wikipedia.





Add Selectors to your music

By clicking Selectors, the Lab automatically searches for additional popular Selectors online.  In this sample I added the additional genre “chillout” to the Lemon Jelly song “Ramblin’ Man” You can now see two genre tags; “Electronica/Dance” and “Chillout”.  In the existing Selectors box you can see that the album is “Lost Horizons” and the artist “Lemon Jelly”.  Now that I added “Chillout” as an additional tag, “Ramblin’ Man will also appear when I do a search for “Chillout”.


Selectors associated with
an Artist

See all the Selectors associated with an artist.  By clicking on “Lemon Jelly” all the tags associated with them appear.  All the albums their songs and all the tags associated with their songs appear in the first box. 








All your Artist's songs

When you scroll down all the Artist's songs in the library are shown.  In this case there are 19 Lemon Jelly songs in the music library and they appear in alphabetical order.  You can click on a song to add it to the playlist or do more research about that specific song in the Lab.



Selectors associated with
a Genre

See all the selectors associated with a genre.  By clicking on “Downbeat” all the selectors associated with that genre appear.  Here you can see all the albums and artists that are tagged with the “Downbeat” genre.  By scrolling down you will see all the songs that are associated with the “Downbeat” genre.  You can now click on any of the Selectors to add them to your playlist, make changes or get more information.


Selectors associated with
an Album

See all the selectors associated with an Album in the lab.  In this sample the album is “Lemon” and you can see that the genre is “downbeat” and the artist is “Lemon Jelly” In addition the Lab also shows you all the songs in that album.  You can now click on any of the Selectors to add them to your playlist, make changes or get more information.  In addition you can add more Selectors by typing them into the “Add Selectors” box.



Typing Additional Selectors

You can add additional tags you want  added to the lab by typing them in the “Add Selectors” box.  Here I only had to type an “S” and from the additional Selectors that appeared I clicked on “Synthpop” to add that tag to the Lemon Jelly album.  In the future if I do a search for “Synthpop” or click on the “Synthpop” Selector, the “Lemon” album will appear.




See what you have in a Mix

By clicking on the Mixes tab you can see all the details of your mix. All the genres, artists and albums that are in your mix are clearly labelled. By clicking on a mix you can easily make changes to it by adding or deleting Selectors. You can also create a new mix based on the Selector in the Lab and you can add the Selector to Mixes that don't contain it by clicking on a mix listed at the bottom.



See everything in the Lab

By clicking on the Lab icon on the left you’ll got to the Lab Home.  This is where everything in your lab will show up; all your genres, albums and artists.  You can also see the total number of selectors.  By clicking on the Track tab you’ll see all the tracks in your music library.  The Mix tab will show you all the mixes you have saved in Bossa as well as what’s in each mix.  By clicking the Dump tab you can see all the songs that you’ve dumped and didn’t want to hear.  If you’ve dumped a song by mistake, you can remove it from you dump file here as well.














More Lab features explained...

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